About me

Hi there !

 I’m Celine, and 2015 is a year of big changes ! I just turned 20 30, about to get a new job, and starting this new blog to express myself at length the way Instagram – my favorite social media – does not allow.

“Frappée par la Fööd” literally means “Struck by Food”. It’s a French wordplay on “Frappée par la foudre”, or “struck by lightning”.

Why this name ?

Well, one day I finally decided to be true to my nature and took it upon myself to post only pictures of food on an IG account that was originally dedicated to jewelry. Best decision ever ! I met great people who can definitely cook and love to share a good meal.

This blog will obviously be about food, but also about travel because I love it, and about anything else that might go through my head.

Please don’t panic – but be warned – you will come across very average jokes. I was struck after all.

I’ll take care of the French version of the blog while my immensely handsome and talented boyfriend will translate them into English. He is the most adorable boyfriend in the world and I will forever be grateful for his help. In case you need his service, this way.

See you very soon Frappees !

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