Valentine’s Date

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Valentine’s Day is approaching rapidly and I must confess .. We don’t celebrate it here because we’re not the romantic types oops and we find it […]

The King’s Brioche

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Today is Epiphany Day, but I trust you already knew that 😉 I don’t know which team you’re part of, but personally I’m the kind who eats […]

Cakes with a melting core

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Today, I’d like to share with you a yummy recipe so that we can all enjoy the same snacks / tea time on children’s day ! 😉 Since my recipe […]

Pancake Extravaganza

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Today is Sunday and you all know what it means right ? … Awesome breakfast day ! As you know, I love to vary the pleasures. And although options […]

Sunday, cookie day !

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Between Cookie and me, it’s always been a love story, But whenever we talk oven, things go awry ! So yes, I’m a big fan of cookies for several […]

Sunday morning breakfast

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I’d like to introduce you to a tradition that started as soon as my boyfriend and I settled into our new apartment. This almost sacred tradition is of course […]

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